My goal in teaching is to foster a love of music and a passion for the arts. I focus on developing my students as musicians in general and on a relaxed technique that will allow for the best possible artistic expression.


I teach my students about the anatomy of breathing and tone production, focusing on breath energy and a released sound.I am careful to assign repertoire that is at my students' level, challenging them musically but not going beyond what is appropriate for their vocal development. This avoids tension and injury and inspires confidence as students study music that they are able to sing well.

I teach classical and opera singing. I do not teach Broadway or pop singing. I accept voice students ages twelve and older. I encourage younger students interested in voice lessons to consider joining a choir and/or taking lessons on another instrument instead. In my professional opinion, the voice is not sufficiently developed in younger singers and there is a greater risk of injury in private voice lessons. In a choir, children are directed to sing in a healthy way for their age and learn valuable musicianship and aural skills.

Voice lessons will include information on achieving and maintaining good vocal health. In some cases, the teacher may recommend that the student contact a vocal health expert or a physician. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to arrange an appointment at the teacher’s suggestion.


Beginning students work from the Alfred Premier Piano Course, later transitioning to the Pathways to Artistry series by my former teacher, Catherine Rollin. We work on developing a curved hand position with relaxed wrists and strong finger joints. I use technical exercises to teach artistic expression rather than teaching these two elements separately. Beginning students count and sing note-names out-loud to integrate theory and note-reading with their playing. I accept piano students ages five and older. I do not accept piano students younger than five because their hands are generally too small to play comfortably.

Piano students must have a well-maintained grand or upright piano which is tuned every six months. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to arrange tunings and repairs for their instrument at the suggestion of the teacher. Pianos may be purchased or rented through Jacobs Music at 2450 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, (609) 434-0222. Tunings can be arranged by calling (215) 659-5423.